Logistics Industry has undergone constant innovation in past few decades. But in recent months, especially after the success if Uber, startups have been getting more creative in this area. We feel that intelligent crowdsourcing can lead to substantial optimization over standard delivery techniques.

These are a few interesting trends which we feel are going to disrupt the Logistics Industry:

1) Smart Warehouse

Demand for logistics visibility and desire to collaborate more efficiently with customer and other players have led to a strong movement towards moving applications like Facility Management, Inventory management to the cloud. It is bringing considerable savings and reducing the risk associated with maintaining on-premise solutions. Cutting edge technologies like Drone Tech and Robotics have also helped them manage their warehouses better. Also by bringing together capabilities like IOT, devices, automation warehouse processes have become quicker and smoother.

2) Smart Transport

Vehicle tracking plays a important role in providing necessary control and efficient route planning for faster deliveries. Interesting IOT devices like temperature sensors for perishable goods; speed sensors etc. help in providing the right alerts to take appropriate action.

3) Crowd Sourcing

Quiet a few companies are trying to leverage the Uber model to supply chain logistics. Most trucks go empty during the return Journey. The have tried other solutions to handle this issues. But most have been able to handle it only partially. Crowdsourcing by applying intelligent matching algorithms, is actually working out pretty well for them. And with all the IOT devices for real time tracking, the process has been optimized even more.