We offer a complete prepress solution offering various typesetting and conversion process on a variety of platforms.

Why us?

  • Cost-effective with no compromise on quality

  • Expertise team to provide high-quality outputs

  • Quality assurance for an error-free delivery

  • In-house technical development to automate the process

  • Appropriate work flow as per clients’ own specifications

  • Highly innovative process and offer round-the- clock services

  • Built with dynamic technology and strictly meet publisher’s deadlines

  • Safe and secure working environment with confidentialities for data


  • 1. Copy Editing

  • 2. Typesetting

  • 3. Data Conversion

  • 4. Digitization

  • 5. Flyers & Brochures

  • 6. Indexing

  • 7. Localization

Samples will be provided upon request


Here the author’s text is ensured for correctness in spelling, grammar, usage of punctuations and consistency. We have well versed editors in various interdisciplinary fields of research. Our copy-editor’s ensure to prevent plagiarism, factual errors handles errors such as spelling, grammar, usage of punctuations and poor continuity. Our editor’s ensures to prevent plagiarism and factual errors to make the content clear and concise. We also adhere to the publisher’s style in all the technical and style aspects to meet the customer satisfaction. Eventually, our editors act as a bridge between the authors, publishers and the readers.


Typesetting is a specialized process, which involves the composition of text and graphics into its visualization. Dtext has a strong team of professional typesetter’s, skilled in various platforms and provides a world class service to the customer satisfaction. We accept the input in all kinds of formats and deliver the output in a legible manner with quality and perfection.

Our input and prepress category includes:

  • Input: Word file, ASCII Tagged file, coded XML file, PDF, Tiff, or hardcopy (Scanned/Keyed materials)

  • Books & Journals: STM, Academic, Novel and Fiction, Educational, Humanities and Social Science

  • Applications: Adobe Indesign, LaTeX, MS-Word

  • Special Series: Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Catalogue, Directory, Creating Folio for Ipad*, etc.

*To view the PDF with interactive actions, folios for Ipad devices are created using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Samples available upon request.


Data conversion is a process where we convert the original format into any kind of digital end format. We have designed our conversion process such that a cost-effective and reliable service is met to the client satisfaction. We accept the below input formats for publishing output media types such as XML, HTML, eBooks, PDFs and Interactive files.

Conversion process involves:

  • Editable Image/PDF/Scanned Image

  • Books

  • Magazines and Newspapers

  • TIFF, PDF and other image files

  • Hard copy paper in any format

  • Pre-press design files (Indesign, quark, latex & 3B2)

  • MS-Word, Excel, Text

  • XML

  • HTML

  • PDF

  • ePub

  • CD-ROM

  • Hard Drive


Digitization is a process of conversion where printed materials are converted into an electronic format. This allows easy accessibility, sharing and searching with related inputs. We provide digitization services such that it makes the content easier to access and share. We process archives, images to text, books, and other non-readable documents into digital formats for archive and Web delivery purposes.

Our digitization services includes

  • Scanning/Keying/OCR/PDF Editing

  • Cataloguing

  • Newspaper digitization

  • Manuscript transcription

  • Image enhancements

  • CD/Media products


Indexing is a process which makes the author/reader to locate the documents quickly based on the data’s listed in the specified fields. Our indexer’s are highly qualified in analyzing the subject matter and makes the cross-search more effective. We make indexing a very simple process with our more innovative technology.

We offer the below listed indexing services:

  • 1. Subject Indexing

  • 2. Author Indexing

  • 3. Combined Indexing

  • 4. Combined Name Indexing

  • 5. Locator type Indexing

  • 6. Chapter wise locator

  • 7. Global locator

  • 8. Tagging Index


Flyers & Brochures are used to improve business deals and it acts as a powerful advertising tool. We provide high-quality in designing a full colour flyers and folded brochures. We offer fast and reliable full colour brochures and flyer designing services at very competitive cost. We design Leaflets, Pamphlets, Catalogues and Business proposal designs as per the client’s specifications.

Various Flyers

  • DL flyers

  • A3, A4, A5, A6 flyers

  • A3 – posters

Various Brochures

  • DL brochures - 4 & 6 & 8 panels

  • A5 brochures - 4 panels

  • A4 brochures - 4 & 6 & 8 panels


File construction

Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired look-and- feel.” File preparation at Dtext involves an efficient and cost-effective workflow with the client-requisite quality. Our conversion expertise team performs thousands of translations each day and delivers global solutions to our clients from any type of source PDF file. The extracted content accuracy is validated through our in-house tool and goes over a quality analysis with customer-specific checklist to adhere our client’s requirements.

Desktop Publishing

Dtext provides extensive desktop publishing solutions for any overseas market. With several years of hands-on- experience and a team of strong team of skilled professionals, Dtext handles all kinds of industry file formats and deliver full-service desktop publishing. Our DTP team blends their own skills and knowledge with Dtext’s industry standard and experience. Our final deliverables reach the appropriate formats, ready to go straight to your printer or coders within the agreed schedules and our in-house automation assist us in handling urgent requests from our prestigious clients.

Our workflow includes:

  • Evaluating and setting-up the documentation project

  • Generation books in multiple languages

  • Fixing the layout of translated material

  • Editing graphics

  • Converting or generating output of translated material in multiple formats

  • Performing quality checks on finalized translated material

Our DTP capabilities also permit us to use the following designsoftware seamlessly, both on PC and on Mac (if Required):

  • Ms Office FrameMaker

  • InDesign PageMaker

  • LaTeX Publisher

  • Quark Xpress Illustrator

  • Acrobat Professional Photoshop

  • Premiere Pitstop

Quality Analysis

Quality analysts at Dtext are highly trained to maintain accuracy in order to meet the client specifications. Our quality analysis team strictly adheres to the client requirements by preparing an elaborative checklist, which each and every project will undergo. At short, our QA team functions as a second pair of eyes.

We completely accept the documents produced in the following software:

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • MS Office Suite™ (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)

Our Main Clients

  • Data Conversion Laboratory – NY, USA

  • QLTS School - Canada

  • Hilicom - Canada

  • Impelsys India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Wiley – India (Books)

  • Oxford - India (Books)

  • Pearson - India (Books)

  • Ryan Infotech (Digitization) – India


  • We are innovative in each and every stage of e-publishing and cater large volumes of prepress services

  • Deal in divergent platforms and prompt in quality deliverables to reach customer satisfaction


  • To create a long-term relationship and to be a preferred provider in the e-publishing industry

  • To become a global market leader by providing a cost-effective service

  • To provide diligent support in the professional industry