Education technology is truly at a tipping point. We have been working on some very interesting Education startups, specially focusing on recommending students what to learn and creating a step-by-step career path by using complex predictive algorithms.

These are a few interesting trends which we feel are going to disrupt the Education industry:

1) Adaptive Learning

Each student is different. They have different educational backgrounds, different time commitments and different intellectual levels. Now a days there is so much material available that it does not make sense for Students to learn everything. They should learn what is relevant to them now or maybe in near future. There is a focus on “Optimized Learning” which creates customized content based on Student caliber and need. Lots of amazing algorithms are being used to understand the Students needs and generate adaptive content.

2) Interactive Content

Focus has shifted from passive to active learning. Educators are using innovative approaches like content Gamfication to make the education process more engaging and dynamic. Industry is moving towards creating virtual world or Augmented Reality games to make the education process more interesting and fun. In these games players can take roles of Mathematicians, Scientists, Engineers etc. to share their knowledge in innovative ways.

3) Massive Open Online Courses

A lot of universities have opened up their course contents and are sharing it through MOOCs. Top university professors are coming together and delivering amazing courses through these online channels. Many of courses are free. These MOOCs are serving as a excellent on-demand/ flexible mechanism for students to learn at their own pace.